Welcome to the website of Archaeological Resources and Expropriations Fund!

The Archaeological Receipts and Expropriations Fund (ΤΑΠΑ) is a legal entity of public law under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports (Ν. 736/1977). It receives, manages and allocates its receipts for: I. Expropriation or purchase of immovable property on behalf of the Greek State for the purposes of excavation, enhancement of monuments and expansion of archaeological sites and the surrounding space of monuments and museums II. Protection, conservation, physical arrangement and valorization of archaeological sites, monuments, museums and their surrounding space. III. Construction and maintenance of buildings of museums and collections and also ancillary structures within archaeological sites. IV. Leasing of immovable property for archaeological purposes V. Assistance for Services dealing with antiquities and monuments subsumed under the Archaeological Law in general. VI. Publication and distribution of archaeological journals and any kind of archaeological edition. VII. Establishment of workshops for the production of casts, copies and replicas. VIII. Supervision of private businesses and artists as regards the making and sale of any sort of casts, imitations or copies of ancient artefacts.